At the Institute for Cyber-Enabled Research (iCER), I led the entire video production process, from fact gathering and early interviews to live filming and post-production editing. To see all the videos I created for iCER at Michigan State University, please visit


Below I've focused specifically on three videos I created for the Research Highlights campaign of iCER ( This long-term video project was created to promote the world-changing research results achieved through our supercomputing services. 


This is a small animation for schoolchildren that explains what a supercomputer is. I handled the script writing, graphic design, motion effects editing and voice over.

I supplemented the following video with motion graphics to better explain the process of imaging computer chips under the microscope. 


This is the latest corporate video, focusing on the diversity of the organization. 


This is a 10-year anniversary video for the High Performance Computing Center at MSU. After production, Michigan State University requested this video to store in its permanent archive:

In this video, we invited MSU's mascot, Sparty, to iCER's data center. In utilizing a popular campus icon, we hoped to raise awareness of our facility throughout the community.

This is a promotion video I created for the MSU College of Engineering to encourage more young women to consider a career in the sciences. It is featured on the webpage of the Engineering College's Women in Engineering campaign

This is an event video for the Michigan State University Women in Engineering Summer Camp - High Performance Computer Center Tour. It is aimed at encouraging girls to have an "Engineering Dream".

This video showcases iCER at the MSU Science Festival. The main purpose of this video is to convey the idea that "when you are exploring, learning and having fun, iCER is always there to pave the way."


Below is an example of a training video I made to explain the process for reproducible computational analysis.