Peace Flag- Promotional Video for a Refugee Center in Rome

After talking with an American missionary in Rome, I was provided the opportunity to volunteer at a local refugee center. Refugees there were from Pakistan, Afghanistan, South Africa, and other places full of violence and oppression. However, after receiving help from the refugee center, these refugees tried to use their own way to promote peace: by making "Peace Flags". They encouraged people all around the world to buy their hand-made peace flags and hang them on their balcony, so that the concept of peace would be heard globally. What I’m showcasing here is an abridged version of the entire documentary-style promotional video.

When Did You Get Up This Morning? 你,几点起床?

Toward the end of the summer of 2013, my friends and I decided to shoot a special micro documentary for our hometown, Ningbo (a sea port city in China), to express gratitude to every citizen who works their hardest every day to better the city. We came up with the idea of stopping people with different jobs on the street (especially those from the lower working class, who are typically ignored by society) and asking them a very simple question: "when did you get up this morning?" We loved every response, which shows their positive attitude toward life and their love toward Ningbo. This short film is in the application process for the "Ningbo Micro Movie Award."

Spartan's Letter To Foster Kids

During the 2013 Christmas season, I designed a fundraiser event called "Spartans' letters to foster kids," in which we asked MSU students to write an encouraging letter together for foster kids across America. 

“If you are the one” MSU Chinese Dating Event Promotion Video

This was a video to showcase all of the female participants before the dating events. It functioned as an event promotion video.