“Walking in Love 爱的艺术家”


When I am walking in love, there is no fear.

My grandma, Xixiu Zhao, an 87-year-old Chinese woman, has her own unique way of creating beautiful embroidered shoes for loved ones. All these decades, she never sold them, but made them as gifts for family members and friends. In my case, she has continued making shoes for me from infancy until adulthood even now, while I live so far away in America. No matter where I am, I always have my grandma’s handmade shoes with me. They make me feel close to home, helping me to be brave and confident when I travel life's valleys.

Grandma is the artist of love in my heart; who is yours? 

                                                                                                                                     – Xiaoxing “Adele” Han

“Walking in Love” is consisted of an exhibition of 10-20 pairs of Ms. Han’s handmade embroidered shoes and a video to share the main concept and her grandma’s story. In bringing her grandma's story to light, Ms. Han hopes that others will likewise share their own “artists of love” with the world. Artists of love do not need to be professional artists, but simply anyone with a unique and special way of sharing love. All contributions will become part of the “Walking in Love” documentary, which is aimed at encouraging more people to recognize "artists of love" – and perhaps become one.




外婆是我心中爱的艺术家,谁是你的呢?”    –      韩晓星                           

交互艺术计划“爱的艺术家”由绣花鞋展览和视频放映组成。展览的绣花鞋是由艺术家的奶奶亲手缝制而成。而视频的内容则是介绍整个计划的核心思想和分享韩晓星外婆的故事。通过外婆与她的故事,韩晓星希望更多的人可以分享他们生活中爱的艺术家的故事。爱的艺术家不一定需要具备专业艺术素养。任何人,只要用心地去通过一些独特的方式来向身边的人表达爱, 他(她)就是爱的艺术家。所有的故事,都会成为“爱的艺术家”纪录片的一部分。这部纪录片的主旨是鼓舞更多人去发现和感激自己身边爱的艺术家,甚至是成为一位爱的艺术家。


"My grandma's handmade shoes"



"Birthday Wishes"

"Family Paper Crane"

"Prayer Quilts"

"Drawing my Family"

"To Reach with Love"


  • FEB 2016 - MAY 2016       Michigan State University Museum


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